Drama Studio

The drama studio is a place where imagination rules.


The drama studio is a plain black box with nothing inside it to distract people from what you put in. It puts audiences and performers up close to one another making it a dramatic venue for high-impact performances.

Our excellently equipped studio offers:

  • Flexible audience seating and staging configuration, seating up to 50 or 130 standing
  • Lighting effects which allow you to give the illusion of radically different environments
  • A sound board with high technology mixing and altering functionality allowing you to take sounds from the world outside and deliver them to the studio
  • a Music and Drama Technician to provide technical support and to help you maximise the potential of this first-class facility

Please note that the entrance comes straight into the black box space and that there is no ‘dressing room’ space – if you need one you’ll need to create one, perhaps a simple screen or curtain.

Please refer to the sound and lighting equipment Sound & Lighting Induction document for details.

How to book the Drama Studio

To book the Drama Studio you should contact the Music and Drama Technician. Please note that you will receive a reply by the following Tuesday.

A Health & Safety Induction into the use of the space must be completed before bookings may be made, and a Lighting & Sound Induction if you intend to use the electrical equipment.