Modernist Magazines in the Americas

Points of Departure

Wednesday 12 December 2012, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford

Plenary speakers

  • Suzanne Churchill (Davidson College), ‘Talk about Silence: Race Issues in Contempo and in Modernist Studies.’
  • Alan Golding (University of Louisville), ‘Avant-Gardism Against Itself: “Conversation” and the Reader Critic in The Little Review.’
  • Andrew Thacker (De Montfort University), ‘Placing Magazines in Modernism.’

This conference celebrates the publication of the second volume of the Oxford Critical & Cultural History of Modernist Magazines: North America 1894-1960, and explores little magazines and their broader cultural contexts across the Americas. Our intention is to stimulate a discussion of current issues, methodologies and practices, and to consider new directions for modernist periodicals studies.

The conference is free to attend but delegates must register by Friday 7 December. To register, contact Niall Munro ( as soon as possible. Please include details of your university affiliation.

To view details regarding travel and accommodation, and to see the conference schedule and panels, please click on the link to the right under ‘Recent Posts’. You can also download a PDF document of the conference schedule and panels. Do get in touch with Niall Munro if you have any questions.


  • Victoria Bazin; Giles Bergel; Michael Collins; Sue Currell; Louise Kane; Craig Monk; Charlotte Purkis; Becky Roach; Stephen Rogers; Michael Rozendal; Alex Runchman; Cathryn Setz; Karen Skinazi; Camilla Sutherland

Conference organisers

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